Tom Brady Wishes Celtics Luck in Playoffs with Hilarious Tom Brady Photoshop (Pic)

tom brady photoshop

Chances are you either love Tom Brady or you hate him.

If you live in New England he’s the greatest quarterback of all time and you’d totally gay marry him if something ever happened to Gisele. If you live outside of New England, he’s a cocky wiener you’d totally punch in the face if you knew you could somehow figure out a way to escape without the aforementioned Gisele ripping your lungs out.

Whatever your allegiances are, though, I think we can all agree that the Tom Brady photoshop you see above is pretty effing great. (No, I don’t think he really wore a Celtics jersey and an Under Armour sleeve for his middle school basketball photo.)

Sure, Brady fans probably think it’s great because Brady is so funny and awesome, while Brady haters probably think it’s great because Brady doesn’t even realize what a tool he is AND F*#% YOU YOU F*#%ING BOSTON MOTHER F*#%ERS!.

But on the subject of Tom Brady, we’ll take whatever agreement we can, even if it is just on the surface.

Of course, Brady posted that photo on his Facebook page to wish the Boston Celtics good luck in the playoffs, and the Celtics lost their first game on Sunday to LeBron and the Cavaliers. So I guess it didn’t work. But it was a nice sentiment.

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