Ump Takes 96-MPH Fastball to Facemask During Nats-Phils Game (Video)

umpire brian knight takes fastball to facemask

Did you ever wonder how well an umpire’s facemask would stand up to a direct hit from a major league fastball? No, probably not. But I bet you’re wondering now. And the good news is that, all things considered, they hold up pretty well.

We know this because MLB umpire Brian Knight is not dead right now.

On Saturday, during the ninth inning of the Nationals-Phillies game in Washington, Nats catcher Jose Lobaton set up on the outside of the plate for the first pitch from reliever Blake Treinen. Then, as Treinen got into his windup, the Philly’s Odubel Herrera took off for second base. Lobaton thus started to pop up out of his crouch before the ball got to home plate. So when the ball sailed high and inside, he couldn’t get his glove on it.

Result: 96-MPH fastball right to the facemask of umpire Brian Knight, and definitive proof that the facemasks do work.

Take a look:

Knight sat out Sunday’s game, but all the tests turned out fine and he’s expected back in action soon. So if you’re keeping track at home, a ‘fastball to facemask’ is probably still preferable than a ‘line drive to nuts.’

Hat Tip – [CSN Philly]

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