Baseball in Beer: 11 Awesome Fans Who Snagged Souvenirs in Their Suds

baseball in beer

Baseball in beer? To some that might sound like a waste of an $8 beverage. But to those of us who truly love both baseball and beer, it is in fact the most awesome thing that could happen to you at a baseball game.

Why? Well for one, the physical coming together of a baseball and beer is symbolic of the pseudo-sacremental role beer plays in America’s pastime. And that’s kind of neat. But more importantly, if a baseball lands in your beer and you chug it, you become cool in the eyes of the internet. And you really cannot put a price on that.

Today, in light of a recent spate of baseball in beer incidents around Major League Baseball—which surely is some sort of sign from the baseball gods—we’ve compiled a complete recent history of fans who snagged souvenirs in their suds so you can see what to do and what not to do should something this amazing ever happen to you.


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