Bo Dallas Calls Roman Reigns “the Tim Tebow of WWE” (Video)

tim tebow of wwe

The WWE always does a good job of working current events into their storylines and witty banter. But on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, they really outdid themselves when Bo Dallas dealt poor Roman Reigns one of the most epic burns we’ve seen in a long, long time.

On the very day that the Philadelphia Eagles announced their signing of Tim Tebow, Dallas called Reigns the Tim Tebow of WWE.

Check it out:

Only in the WWE does a grown man wearing nothing but a t-shirt and tighty whities have the balls to insult another grown man on live television.

Of course, I’m not entirely sure who should feel more insulted. Say what you want about Tim Tebow as a football player, the guy is financially secure, he’s got an insane body, millions of people adore him, and—if his religious beliefs allowed it—he could have naked women fawning over him on a nightly basis. If somebody called me the Tim Tebow of sports blogging, I’d be like, hey, thank you.

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