Royals Fans Post Photos of Disgusting Kauffman Stadium Hot Dogs (Pics + Video)

kauffman stadium hot dogs

Friday night’s Royals game wasn’t just the start of a pugnacious weekend series against the Athletics. It was also dollar hot dog night at Kauffman stadium, which is an awesome promotion to get fans out to the ballpark early in the season when the weather’s not so great. Or at least it’s an awesome promotion in theory.

Unfortunately, the Royals did not implement this theory very well. Some fans said they were sold puny burnt dogs on soggy buns. Others said they were even sold dogs with moldy buns. Which is absolutely disgusting.

Obviously these fans took photos to document the putrid Kauffman concessions. And KCTV 5 says they were emailed “dozens” of photos like the one above, which features a dollar dog next to a regular hot dog for comparison.

Here’s the KCTV report:

Now, it seems highly unlikely that all the dollar dogs were bad. Aramark, the food service provider at Kauffman stadium, sold tens of thousands of dollar hot dogs on Friday, and if all of them were shrivelled and moldy there would be no need to “investigate” the situation.

Still, one moldy Kauffman Stadium hot dog is too many. Seeing as how Aramark fired their food safety manager just last month for speaking out about health code violations, I think it’s time the Royals (and Chiefs) take their food service provider to task.

Hat Tip – [KCTV 5]

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