Ejected, Drunk Clippers Fans Give an Awesome Interview (Video)

Clippers fans

Just because you get kicked out of theĀ Staples Center for having an open bottle of alcohol on you, doesn’t make you a bad person. Just ask these Clippers fans who got the boot during Game 1, only to find themselves outside, giving a pretty charming interview, arm-in-arm.

It’s kinda cute. At least they’re not beating the hell out of each other. Sports could use many more peaceful drunks like these Clippers fans, just chillaxin’.

Here’s their interview:

And he admits that it was Popov vodka. What a trooper. He takes what should be a huge source of shame and frustration and just owns it!

Can we get a Kickstarter going to buy these guys a suite for any future Clippers playoff games? I don’t want to contribute to the Kickstarter, but I am thrilled to help plant the seed so other people can.

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