Artist Turns All 8 NBA Playoff Matchups into Drawings

nba playoff matchups

Have you ever seen a horse fight a rocket ship before? If you said, “yes.” Congratulations. That’s awesome. If you haven’t, don’t worry, because you’re about to.

A Reddit user named SnowceanJay posted pics his girlfriend made that depict literal interpretations of the first-round NBA playoff matchups. They range from the expected to the hilarious.

We don’t know who SnowceanJay’s girlfriend is, so unfortunately, we can’t credit her directly, but hopefully she’ll get a sense of the good vibes sent her way. These are pretty cool, and the depiction of the Trailblazer is probably my favorite. He looks like the drunk cook from a western film.

Here’s the gallery of all eight NBA playoff matchups. Pick your favorite. Print it up. Stick it above your desk.

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