Winnipeg Jet Fan Dumps Beer on His Head During Telecast (Video)

Winnipeg Jets fan dumps beer on his head

It’s playoff time in the NHL, which means that thousands, if not millions, of fans in smaller Canadian cities are losing their collective minds.

Take, for instance, this telecast from a bar, which is NEVER a good idea to do live. As Sportsnet reporter Gene Principe¬†and his beautiful hair do whatever they’re doing, a Winnipeg Jets fan, clearly biding his time, just dumps a beer on his own head.

No, I don’t know why.

Check it out here, and see if you can offer any insight:

Judging by his appearance and his expression, I can only assume that this is the long-lost brother of Aaron Paul.

In any event, good for him. I hope no one else suffered collateral damage from the beer, and that this Winnipeg Jets fan had his 15 seconds of fame go exactly as he had hoped.

Man, I still can’t get over how much that sports reporter looks like a sports reporter. It’s like he was made in a factory.

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