Winnipeg Jets Fans Rocked the MTS Centre in the City’s First Playoff Game Since ’96 (Videos)

Winnipeg Jets Fans Rock MTS Centre

On Monday night, playoff hockey returned to the city of Winnipeg for the first time in 19 years, and Winnipeg Jets fans were jacked. Bringing back the “Winnipeg Whiteout” they made famous in 1987, they rocked the MTS Centre like never before.

Seriously, I don’t know how any sports fan, let alone any hockey fan, could not be rooting for the Jets just a little. The fans there are amazing.

Check out the atmosphere during the singing of “O Canada”:

I’m American as apple pie and Keeping Up with the Kardashaians, but damn if that didn’t give you¬†goose bumps.

Now check out the Winnipeg Jets fans’ reaction to the first home playoff goal since ’96:

Lee Stempniak‘s never been cheered so loud in his life. (And ironically, he used to play for the Arizona Coyotes, who of course used to be the Winnipeg Jets.)

And here are Winnipeg Jets fans taunting Anaheim’s Corey Perry with chants of Katy Perry:

So as you can see, the MTS Centre was the place to be for hockey fans last night. Even Jesus was there.

The only downside? The Ducks totally killed the city’s buzz by winning Game 3 in overtime and putting the Jets in a 3-0 chokehold. So the return of playoff hockey in Manitoba is practically over already.


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