Amy Schumer Friday Night Lights Parody Takes on High School Football Rape Culture (Video)

amy schumer friday night lights parody

Ever since Daniel Tosh made a rape joke during a standup set back in 2012, comedians and social commentators (as well as idiot bloggers) have debated whether such subject matter could ever be fair game, let alone actually funny.

Now Amy Schumer has weighed in on the matter with a new sketch on her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer. And her answer is a definite yes, rape jokes can be funny.

The sketch in question is a Friday Night Lights parody. After it starts, for the first minute you’re just kind of wondering where this thing is going. Then they get to the first of two punchlines at the 1:20 mark, where the new coach of the Bronconeers announces a new rule: no raping. That’s when the lightbulb goes off, are you realize what they’re up to.

For a while you’re still laughing, because even though sh*t just got heavy, the absurdity of the sketch is still funny. And that makes you wonder if you’re a bad person. But you roll with it.

Then the second big punchline comes at the 4:27 mark.

“How do I get through to you boys that football isn’t about rape,” coach Thompson says. “It’s about violently dominating anyone that stands between you and what you want!”

And you’re like, daaaaaaamn, that does make sense…and a frown comes over your face.

Check it out for yourself:

So what do you think, internet? Can rape jokes be funny, or not?

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