It’s Just Not Playoff Hockey Without Epic Playoff Cleavage Behind the Visiting Team’s Bench (Pic)

hockey playoff cleavage red wings lightning game 3

It’s not really surprising that attractive women find themselves sitting right up against the glass at playoff hockey games. Most of those seats are usually owned by rich men, and rich men have the tendency to give gifts and favors—like primo hockey tickets—to attractive women in hopes that they might sleep with them.

That’s not an endorsement. I’m just stating what I suspect are the facts. But I digress.

What is surprising is that, come playoff time, the attractive women sitting behind the glass at hockey games always start to dress a bit sexier. Maybe it’s because the weather is warmer. Maybe it’s because playoff hockey gets everybody excited. But in recent years, you can tell the playoffs are hear by the playoff cleavage.

There was the woman in Philadelphia who was spied on by the pervy NBC camera man. There was the girl in Vancouver who flashed the goods to a San Jose Sharks player. There was the porn star in Los Angeles who did her very best to distract Devils coach Peter DeBoer during the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals. And of course, now we have the playoff cleavage you see in the image above, which comes from last night’s Lightning-Red Wings game in Detroit.

What do we make of this trend? In the interest of not getting in trouble…um, no comment.

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