J.J. Watt Surprises Rockets National Anthem Singer (Video)

Rockets national anthem

Having J.J. Watt sneak up on you at any age has to be a pretty terrifying proposition. Having it happen to a 12 year-old Rockets National Anthem singer was pretty funny for the crowd, but probably even MORE terrifying for the kid.

Nicholas Connors took to the court to sing the Rockets National Anthem before Game 2 of their series against Dallas. When it was over, an enthusiastic J.J. Watt ran up to congratulate him, and the kid was pretty darn surprised.

Here’s a Tweet with a clip of the interaction:

I don’t know if I would want J.J. Watt and all his intensity up on me right after I sang the National Anthem in front of 20,000 people and a national TV audience. I might just want a breath. But, what J.J. wants, J.J. gets. I mean, who’s going to tell him “no?”

Oh, and if you get a chance, check out some of Nicholas Connors’ National Anthem renditions. The kid is amazing.

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