Jameis Winston Explains His Crab Leg Theft to Jim Harbaugh (Video)

Jameis Winston

I can’t say I watch the ESPN show Draft Academy, but I think I know what it’s about. It follows NFL┬ádraft prospects around and gets them in front of coaches to explain their way of thinking and, presumably, prepare┬áthem for the draft. It sounds like a terrible idea for the players and a great one for ESPN.

Last night, we had Jameis Winston talking to Jim Harbaugh (scary!) about the incident in which he was caught shoplifting crab legs. He claims that a grocery store employee gave him the hook-up, but didn’t manage to tell anyone else. Whoops.

Here’s the clip:

The problem is, the way Jameis Winston tells it, that’s an eligibility and an NCAA issue now. Winston’s gone, but FSU could be on the hook for this. Of course, there’s no telling what the NCAA would do in such a situation. I mean, what’s the penalty for crab claws?

If the punishment is coming from Jim Harbaugh, it’s probably death.

I REALLY fail to see what the upside is for draftees to appear on this show. Sure, they could impress some scouts, but more than likely, they’ll just say something dumb that ESPN will cherish, costing them possibly millions of dollars in earnings.

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