NFL Kicker Jay Feely Says Tim Tebow Is “Single Worst Quarterback” in NFL (Video)

jay feely says tim tebow worst quarterback in nfl

On Sunday night, word leaked that the Philadelphia Eagles were signing Tim Tebow, causing every NFL fan on the planet to spit out whatever beverage they happened to be sipping at the time in a comical fashion.

However, now that the initial shock has passed, it’s time to be rational about all this and ask what, exactly, coach Chip Kelly is thinking. So for that we turn to Jim Rome, the world’s most rational sports pundit. This week he asked his panel of NFL experts to share their thoughts on Tebow and the Eagles, and (former) NFL kicker Jay Feely offered up this gem of an assessment:

The “single worst quarterback” in the NFL? Tell us how you really feel, Jay.

Of course, Jay Feely has played on seven teams over the last 14 seasons, including the Jets from 2008 to 2009. He has seen a lot of quarterbacks. If he says Tim Tebow was the worst, I’m inclined to believe him.

Then again, he did play for the Bears last year. I suspect there are at least a few Bears fans who would rather have Tebow than Jay Cutler right now.

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