Russian MMA Fight Has Medieval Knights Squaring Off (Video)

Russian MMA fight

What started as a way to kill time between matches at a Russian MMA fight has turned into something of a minor phenomenon. And it’s easy to see why.

A promoter had men dressed as medieval knights and fight each other during a Russian MMA event, and the fan interest has been so high, he’s looking to do it again…just as soon as he can find decent MMA fighters who want to fight each other in armor. Eh, I’m sure if the price is right, he’ll find his men.

It’s easy to see why the fans loved the action, though. It’s definitely got that Game of Thrones vibe going on. That show is so hot right now.

Take a look at the fight:

Oh, and the Russian Michael Buffer is a badass, too. I’m really digging him.

Will this make it over stateside? Probably. I’m sure there are a couple guys in Tennessee, hammering out costumes in their garage as we speak.

Hat Tip – [For The Win]

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