Dude Gets Owned on Arena Football Flex Cam by Jacked Woman Sitting Behind Him (Video)

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The kiss cam is dead, man. You’re not going to get any more surprising, genuine moments out of that TV timeout gimmick. Pretty much every pro sports team in North America stages kiss cam hijinks on a nightly basis.

You want authenticity? Check out this arena football flex cam. It’s just like a kiss cam, only instead of smooching, people show off their guns.

A few weeks ago at a Philadelphia Soul game, they put some guy with fairly decent guns up on the flex cam, and he milked it for all it was worth, even turning to the ladies sitting behind him and giving them a playful “you like what you see?” kind of look.

Then they cut to other fans flexing their guns for a while before coming back to the first guy…at which point one of the women behind him stood up, took off her jacket, and revealed her giant ladyguns that put him to shame.

Before I began writing, I debated whether or not this little scene was legit, or whether it had been staged. Ultimately, I arrived at the conclusion that the interaction between the two women and the guy’s reaction just seemed too genuine for this to be staged.

So the verdict: pure awesomeness.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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