Chris Rock Gives ‘Real Sports’ Monologue on Blacks in Baseball (Video)

Chris Rock

Chris Rock has a lot of opinions on things. Perhaps not as many as he used to, but if you want a hot take that’s likely to get a little controversial and racial, Rock’s still your guy. For that reason, a non-controversial guy, Bryant Gumbel for Real Sports on HBO, recruited Chris Rock to do a 7-minute monologue/rant on why blacks and baseball seem to mix like oil and water these days.

It’s pretty funny. Not as funny as some of Rock’s more organic, older stuff, but like everything else making fun of baseball, it’s at least a little funny.

Here’s the clip. Take THAT, America’s pastime!

It’s worth it just to hear about black players needing to listen to Blake Shelton just so they don’t get their asses kicked. Though it would have been infinitely funnier if Bryant Gumbel had done this piece himself. But I guess Chris Rock is pretty good, too.

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