Fingerless Kid Throws First Pitch Using Iron Man Prosthetic (Video)

First Pitch Iron Man Prosthetic

If you need more evidence of how cool and important 3D printers are, check out this heartwarming story. A kid by the name of Jack Carder in Ohio was born with a right thumb, but no other right fingers. So students at Sienna College used a 3D printer to make the 5 year-old an Iron Man prosthetic hand.

It only seems fitting that when a kid gets something as cool as an Iron Man prosthetic hand, he gets to show it off, so Jack Carder threw out the first pitch at a Columbus Clippers AAA game.

Here’s the clip:

Pretty cool stuff. And for more cool stuff, check out THIS video on him receiving the hand and a brief comment from a student on how this came together.

With the way 3D printing and prosthetics are going, you can expect to see Jack Carder on a mound, throwing heat in about 15 years.

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