You Can Win a Ride on the Gronk Party Bus, Which Is a Thing That Actually Exists (Video)

gronk party bus

Did you know Rob Gronkowski has a party bus? Probably not. But I bet you’re thinking, “yeah, that makes sense.”

The Gronk Party Bus isn’t just used for partying, though. It’s also used for charity. Charity through partying.

Allow me to explain. You see, Rob Gronkowski has teamed up with a website called Omaze that raffles off once-in-a-lifetime celebrity “experiences.” (Remember when J.J. Abrams raffled off a small role in Star Wars: Episode VII? That was through Omaze.) In Gronk’s case, the “experience” includes a ride around town (Boston?) on the Gronk Party Bus and party with his family, plus a bunch of signed New England Patriots swag. And all the proceeds from the raffle will go to Gronk’s charity, Gronk Nation, as well as Kids 2 Camp.

So like I said…charity through partying.

Check out the official Gronk Party Bus YouTube video:

If you think you are committed enough to Taylor Swift, and if the idea of partying with the Gronkowskis is something that appeals to you, click here to enter and help send a bunch of adorable kids to summer camp.

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