Jim Harbaugh Was a Little Aggressive in Courting His Wife (Video)

Jim Harbaugh

I doubt anyone out there expected Jim Harbaugh to be super-smooth when it comes to asking a girl out. In fact, I’m pretty sure we¬†would expect him to be somewhat of a trainwreck. The guy buys his khaki pants by the dozen. That’s not exactly¬†the sign of a real ladies’ man.

And I’m happy to say that he lives up to these expectations. Jim Harbaugh was interviewed on Real Sports on HBO, and in this bonus clip, he speaks to how he met his wife, and how they got to going out:

Whoa. He looks tired.

For those who are too busy to watch a quick clip on Jim Harbaugh’s love life, let me sum it up. Harbaugh saw Sarah getting take out. He went up to her and asked her if she could go out with him. She said yes. (So far, Harbaugh’s coming up roses.) He then called her nine times before she returned his call.

Now, this may have been before cell phones, but unless Harbaugh is 65 years old, it wasn’t before answering machines.

But I can’t mock him too much. I mean…

It worked, right?

(He also called his wife a “real winner,” which is exactly the sort of thing that you’d expect Harbaugh to do.)

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