Jockey Moons the Crowd as He Crosses the Finish Line (Video)


If you’re wondering whether a jockey‘s butt is as cute and adorable as the rest of the diminutive little betting instrument’s body, this clip should answer your question. With a “no.” Jockey butts are not that cute OR adorable. But they’re plenty funny.

Blake Shinn, a jockey racing at Canterbury, stood up to regain his lead after getting passed down the final stretch, and his pants didn’t get the whole “let’s stand up memo.” So they stayed down. As the jockey was crossing the finish line. With lots of people intently focused on him.

I’m sure it was a little embarrassing for ole’ Blake. The fact that he didn’t overtake his opponent adds insult to injury.

Here’s the video. Puritans may want to avert their eyes, because there’s a big ole’ butt on display:

May I make a joke about a Canterbury Tail? I can’t? Oh. Ok. That’s fair I guess. I mean, it’s a pretty lame joke, so I would have done so ironically, but that’s cool. Totally.

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