Snow Baseball? Tigers and Yankees Play Through April Snow Shower in Detroit (GIF)

snow baseball tigers yankees

One of the reasons we make such a big deal about the start of the baseball season every year is that the return of America’s pastime also marks the return of spring. Supposedly.

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always cooperate with our quaint notions of when spring is supposed to begin. For example, in Detroit on Wednesday—f**king April 22—it was f**king snowing during the f**king Tigers-Yankees game.

I’m not talking about a few flurries, either. I’m talking noticeable frozen precipitation.

Did I mention it was f**king April 22?

Yeah, okay. Check it out:

Did the snow effect that outcome of the game? Well, in the first inning, when the snow was heaviest, there were seven hits, six walks, a hit-by-pitch, 10 runs, 20 batters, and 87 pitches. So yeah, maybe.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that all this happened on Earth Day. Clearly the planet is mad at us for dumping plastic shopping bags in its oceans and spewing toxins into its atmosphere. And it chose Earth Day to teach us a lesson.

Point, nature.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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