Toronto Blue Jays Fan Does A Hot Dog Shooter off Woman’s Chest (Video)

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Everyone loves taking a bite out of a good ballpark hot dog, but in Toronto they do it a special way.  You may have heard of “hooter shots”.  Well substitute the booze with a hot dog and you’ve got yourself a YouTube classic.

At a recent baseball game at the Rogers Center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, one fan sitting in the upper bowl decided to take an adventure into a larger woman’s shirt where a carefully placed hot dog laid in her cleavage.  One giant bite later and the brave man had the whole section going wild.  Luckily he had his friend there to video record the entire thing.

It all starts with the bite, but if that’s not enough to make you cry of laughter, then turn your speakers up and listen to the sound effects of the guys a few rows up.  That should have you in tears.  While most were laughing, some made puking noises and another man yelled “You make me sick to my stomach man”.

Another thing you may want to pay attention to is the older man in front of the hot dog eater.  He doesn’t seem too happy, and after someone yells, “You guys have any coke”, he gives an unfriendly look back.  Poor guy probably had his son at the game.  Young eyes should not have to see such a sloppy woman get a hot dog eaten off her chest.  That’s just wrong.  She may have been flattered after being the man’s dinner plate, but how did she feel about the reaction from the crowd?

This here may be one of the greatest ballpark videos off all time.  It didn’t take a fight, or a crazy Bruce Lee kick to entertain the crowd.  Just one adventurous man who was ready to go somewhere no man has likely been before.  No one gets hurt, and everyone is happy (except the old man of course).

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