This Cavs Fan Behind the TNT Guys Seems to be Tweaking (Video)

cavs fan

Would you expect such weird behavior from a man with a pencil-thin mustache and an equally thin gold chain?

Why yes, yes you would.

Last night, this Cavs fan┬ádressed like a St. Louis drug dealer in the early 90’s and busted out a shimmy and/or shake behind Marv Albert and Co. (Ok, I didn’t need to marginalize that other dude. It’s Chris Webber.)

All signs from the ironic outfit point to this guy intentionally dancing like that, or, put more succinctly, being AWARE that he was dancing like that. But who knows?

Oops. I’m describing something you likely haven’t seen yet. Here’s your clip:

Fantastic, right?

I can’t get inside the head of this Cavs fan, but I like to think he dances like that every time his cell phone goes off. And being a popular, well-dressed guy with killer playoff seats, this guy’s phone probably rings off the hook.

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