Someone Tell Draymond Green This Elbow Didn’t Hit Him (Video)

draymond green

I think there should be a hard and fast rule: If you take a dive to blow out of proportion some light contact, you’re a p*ssy. However, if you take a dive after not being touched at all, you’re a p*ssy that should get ejected. Last night, guess what kind of p*ssy Draymond Green was in the Warriors victory over the Pelicans?

That’s right. The second kind. Take a look at this acting performance that’s more Kevin James than Meryl Streep:

Better yet, maybe the league could mandate that a flopping player has to lay on the ground for three minutes, humiliated, and essentially making his team kill a power play for his cowardice. That would be an appropriate punishment for Draymond Green. However, as it is, all he gets is scorn from the announcers and us.

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