Braves Center Fielder Eric Young Bunts Line Drive Base Hit to Right Field…Really (Video)

eric young bunt

When I first read about this Eric Young bunt hit to the outfield, I assumed he had just laid down a hard roller to beat the shift. But I was wrong. Young wasn’t trying to beat the shift. And it wasn’t a roller. It turns out the Braves center fielder power-bunted (is that even a thing?) a line drive to right field.

So okay, it was an accident, right? He just got lucky on the worst bunt of all time? Wrong again! With the Mets riding a nine-game winning streak in which they could apparently do nothing wrong, on Thursday Young wanted to throw them a bit of a surprise on the first at-bat of the ballgame.

“I know all of [the Mets infielders] like to crash, so I hit it hard enough past them,” he told after the game. “My initial goal was just to shoot it in that 4-hole and I got under it just enough to get over his head. But that was the objective there, to hit it hard enough to get it past them as they were flying in.”

So Young’s bunt hit wasn’t totally on purpose, but it wasn’t a total accident either.

Check it out:

That’s the amazing thing about baseball. There have been thousands of games per year for over a century, and every once in a while you still see something you’ve never seen before.

You gotta love it.

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