Giancarlo Stanton Hits 113.6 MPH Line Drive Home Run (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton line drive home run

Ever wonder what a 113.6 mile-per-hour, line drive home run looks like? Wonder no more, as Giancarlo Stanton hit one that appeared to be on a rope to left field during Thursday afternoon’s game between the Marlins and Phillies.

Check it out:

Surprisingly, that 113.6 mph homer is not the hardest hit in the Majors this year.  In fact, it wasn’t even the hardest home run of the day.

That honor belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson, who hit a 120.5 mph bomb later on in the evening against the Baltimore Orioles.

That home run by Donaldson was not only the hardest one hit in the Major Leagues this season, but if its projected distance of 481-feet is correct, that would also make it the longest homer this year—although ESPN Home Run Tracker currently has it at 469-feet, second to Alex Rodriguez‘s 477-foot shot vs. the Rays last week.

Keep smashing those dingers, fellas.

Hat Tip – [ESPN Home Run Tracker]


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