LeBron Trash Talk to Evan Turner Actually Very Factual: “You Tried, But I Blocked You” (Video)

lebron trash talk evan turner

Poor Evan Turner. Not only did his Celtics lose and fall into an impossibly deep 3-0 hole against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. After getting stuffed at the rim with the game on the line, he also had to take quite the earful of LeBron trash talk.

With just a minute and a half left in Game 3 in Boston and the Celtic trailing by just six, Avery Bradley brought the ball down the court on a make or break possession. If Boston scored, they would be down just one or two possession. If they didn’t, that was pretty much it.

After shaking off a bit of pressure at the top of the key, Bradley dished the ball off to Turner. He evaded his defender and saw the lane wide open in front of the basket.

lebron trash talk evan turner block

However, as you can see, LeBron was lurking like a predator stalking his prey. So when Turner went up for the dunk, LeBron went up for the block. And LeBron won.

Then he had some words for Turner. And apparently LeBron isn’t into hyperbole, because his trash talk was very factual:

Next time LeBron hits a clutch, game-winning three, listen for him to say “I tried to score a basket, and I did!”

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