Hardcore Pelicans Fan Paints Anthony Davis Unibrow Across His Nipples, and It’s as Horrifying as It Sounds (Videos)

pelicans fan tribute to anthony davis unibrow

Take a good look at this image of a New Orleans Pelicans fan who was at Thursday’s playoff game against the Warriors. See the ring on his finger? It means he is somebody’s husband. And statistically speaking, given his age, it probably also means he is somebody’s father. Somebody probably in their teens or older.

Why is this important? Because last night this dude went to Game 3 between the Pelicans and Warriors in New Orleans and took his shirt off to reveal an Anthony Davis unibrow painted across his chest. Like a bra. So today his wife and child(ren) are undoubtedly MORTIFIED.

Check it out:

Pardon the obscenities, but HOLY F*CKING SH*T.

Look, Anthony Davis is great. He’s a monster. He’s one of the best, most entertaining players in the NBA. I get why basketball fans in New Orleans are excited about him. But painting his unibrow across your chest? A Tulane frat bro might be able to pull it off. But not a bald middle aged dad who looks like his favorite band is Steely Dan.

No no no no no. No more. Please.

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