Taco Cannon Coming to University of Nebraska-Omaha Hockey Games Next Season (Video)

taco cannon nebraska omaha hockey

We’ve still got a while to go before the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announces the 2015 Nobel Prize winners. But at this point, the folks at Voodoo Taco and the University of Nebraska-Omaha hockey program have got to be considered the frontrunners to take the prize in physics, what with the introduction of the taco cannon.

You heard me. TACO CANNON. As in a cannon that shoots tacos. The guys who own Voodoo Taco in Omaha came up with the idea, and the folks in charge of the UNO hockey program were like, that’s awesome, please come shoot tacos out of your taco cannon at our hockey games.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Surely the tacos get completely mangled when they are fired 200 feet out of a cannon.” And if they fired hard tacos, you would probably be correct. But they don’t fire hard tacos. They fire soft tacos that are wrapped tightly in aluminum foil. So while they might not be “restaurant quality” by the time they hit a hockey fan in the head, as the inventor readily admits, they will be totally edible.

Check out the video courtesy of Omaha’s KETV 7:

Note to University of Nebraska-Omaha: please change the name of your hockey team from Mavericks to Taco Cannons. Thanks.

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