9 Old Athletes Who Deserve a Late-Career Comeback

old athletes late-career comeback

It’s hard to watch old athletes, especially the iconic ones. It’s only natural that skills and health fades over the course of a sports career, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow. Which is way a late-career comeback helps soften the pain of fading away. To paraphrase the adage, athletic careers end poorly, otherwise they wouldn’t end. But in the universe of old athletes, some are more deserving than others.

And a few old athletes aren’t deserving at all, but I included them on here just because their success would cause such a ruckus that that would be enough to merit their inclusion over perhaps someone else who ACTUALLY deserves some success. Nonetheless, there are many we’d like to see, because old athletes are underdogs, and nothing gets the people cheering like an underdog. Here are a list of the 9 old athletes most deserving of a career resurgence in their twilight years.

Anyone we’re forgetting?

Nope. That was rhetorical. This list is perfect. Deal with it.

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