Ben Crane Uses Adjacent Fairway as a Shortcut off Tee (Video)

Ben Crane

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans may not be as esteemed a tournament as many of the others on the PGA tour. So while that means that golfers may not study their course strategy as much, there will also likely be some hacks that go unnoticed by the crew and the field. Ben Crane found one on the sixth hole, a hole that was giving golfers fits throughout the day.

Much like you would in a video game, Ben Crane rotated about 35 degrees to the left, and used the adjacent fairway to take about 60 yards off the hole.

Take a look:

His explanation:

And there ya go. It was legal, which is good enough. As the announcers said in the video, often courses will put up barriers to prevent golfers from playing shortcuts. So there’s something to be said for being first here.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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