Collision Between Runner and 1st Baseman Floors Both (Video)

1st baseman

When you think of nasty collisions between defensive players and baserunners in baseball, you almost always think of catchers and big plays at home plate. You almost never think of first base, because the 1st baseman doesn’t have to block the bag. It’s a force out, so it makes more sense for him to be undisturbed while catching the ball.

However in a college baseball game between Cincinnati and Louisville, the first baseman didn’t get the memo, and caught the ball in the middle of the bag—which, naturally, is right where the baserunner was.

Here’s the nasty collision;

While both players continued to writhe around in pain after the video ended, they eventually got up without serious injury.

You almost feel bad for the umpire who has to watch that carnage, then issues a tentative “safe?.”

Hat Tip – [Lost Letterman]

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