Arsenal Keeper Lays Bone-Crushing Tackle on Chelsea’s Oscar (Video)

David Ospina tackle Oscar

Looks like Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina got his footballs mixed up during Sunday’s crucial English Premier League battle between the Gunners and Chelsea, as he leveled the Blues’ Oscar with a bone-crushing tackle.  And we’re not talking about the association football-type of tackle you typically see during a soccer match—usually referred to as a slide-tackle.  We’re talking a full-on American football-style tackle.

Check it out:

You’d think an act like that would be worthy of a red card and a penalty kick for Chelsea, right?  Well match referee Michael Oliver didn’t see it that way, as he simply allowed play to continue, as if nothing had happened.

In the end, it was just one of several blow calls that affected both clubs during the match, which finished nil-nil.  But the result was still a favorable one for Chelsea, as they now need just six more points in their remaining five games in order to clinch the club’s fifth Premier League title.

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