ESPN2 Airs Live Video Game Competition, Twitter Goes Nuts

ESPN2 Video Game Tournament

Ask any habitual channel-flipper to name some of the crazy stuff they’ve seen on ESPN2, and they’ll probably have multiple interesting answers. There are the old standbys like World’s Strongest Man or sumo wrestling, or something that I believe was called “Airwave,” a kind of summer ski jump competition that I saw in high school (unless I dreamed that one). But last night, the channel outdid itself with a full two hours of airtime devoted to college kids playing a game called Heroes of the Storm.

Wait, what? Yeah, that’s what a lot of ESPN2 viewers thought last night, and they took to Twitter to register their confusion (you can see a few of their tweets up at the top). The result was that the channel was a trending topic for a few hours, which probably means this won’t be a one-off experiment. But why were they showing video games in the first place? It had to do with a partnership with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Blizzard, which was sponsoring a tournament called Heroes of the Dorm, in which college players compete for lucrative scholarships. 

Whether or not ESPN2 continues to air video game tournaments like Heroes of the Dorm was probably decided the moment the phenomenon went viral on Twitter. But even if you’re a purist who thinks ESPN should be reserved for athletic pursuits, you still might get a kick out of ESPN’s own Michelle Beadle, who made the best tweets of the night – here’s a sampling:


Hat Tip – [Kotaku]

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