Mount Everest Base Camp Hit by Earthquake Avalanche (Video)

Mount Everest Base Camp Avalanche

Some downright terrifying video has come out in the wake of the recent earthquake in Nepal, which has claimed an estimated death toll of more than 2,500 victims, including 18 mountain climbers on Mount Everest. The video involves Mount Everest too, taken at Mount Everest base camp and showing the devastating avalanche that swept the mountainside as a direct result of the earthquake.

The Mount Everest base camp video was taken by German climber Jost Kobusch, and shows the camp being hit by one of yesterday’s multiple avalanches from the earthquake and its aftershocks. It’s a rough one, and it has some NSFW language, but I’d say it’s pretty justified given the circumstances.

You can watch Jost Kobush’s scary video of an avalanche sweeping through Mount Everest base camp below. And if you can spare it, you might want to consider making a donation to victims of the Nepal earthquake through one or more of the organizations listed right here.

Here’s the video:

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