Rick Carlisle Responds to Game 3 Fine with a Taped Mouth (Video)

Rick Carlisle

Rick Carlisle got hit with a $25,000 fine after Friday’s loss to the Rockets when he criticized the officiating, so after game 4’s desperate victory, he took measures to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. Those measures included putting duct tape over his mouth, abduction-style, to prevent him from saying anything that might cost him some cash.

It’s easier to have a sense of humor about these things when you win, I guess. If the Mavs had gotten swept, I don’t think that joke is as funny to any¬†of the Dallas players.

Here’s a clip of the press conference:

Well played, Rick Carlisle.

Though it would have been much funnier if he had used an S&M-style ball gag to get his point across. That would have made way more headlines and been way more hilarious.

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