Top NFL Prospect Shane Ray Cited For Marijuana Possession

Shane Ray marijuana possession

Here’s a good way to absolutely destroy your draft stock: Go speeding down an interstate highway while carrying some weed in your car on the same week as the NFL Draft.

That’s what former Missouri Tigers defensive end/linebacker Shane Ray was up to on Monday, as police pulled him over for speeding on Interstate 70 in Missouri.  After detecting the smell of fresh marijuana coming from the car of the projected first-round pick, police say they searched his vehicle and found a “personal amount” of weed, but it was not smoked and Ray showed no signs of being under the influence.

Shane Ray was still written up by the officer for misdemeanor possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana and failure to drive in the right lane of the highway. He was allowed to drive his car from the scene because he was not under the influence, but he will be required to appear in Cooper County court on June 30.

Legally, Shane Ray probably doesn’t have much to worry about, but there’s no telling what kind of effect this will have on his draft position. At the moment, mock drafts have him going as early as 5th-overall to the Redskins, and as late as 21st-overall to the Bengals.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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