This Weightlifting Spotter Has the Best Move Ever (Video)


In weightlifting, spotters exist for three reasons: to encourage and motivate, to protect from injury, and to monitor form. While the guy in this video TECHNICALLY does all three of those things, it’s easy to see that this spotter isn’t exactly world-class. However, he is the funniest human being you’ll see on the Internet today.

And probably the strongest.

So watch the video, and stay away from this guy if you see him. Unless you need help opening a jar or something.

THUG LIFTThey call this the Thug Lift… wait for it (Gym Humor) Programs â–º cred- Bradley Martyn

Posted by Frank Medrano on Tuesday, April 21, 2015


“Allyouallyouallyouallyou.” *Knees him in the back* “Allmeallmeallme.”

I never thought weightlifting humor would make me laugh. I was wrong.

Hat Tip – [Brobible]

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