Is this Wizards Fan the Worst Dancer in the World? Yes. (Video)

Wizards fan

It’s one thing to dance like an idiot at a sporting event. That’s fine. Everyone does that when their team is winning. It’s another thing to do what this Wizards fan did and just break out every crappy dance more there is to put on display in earnest. If this guy was doing these things ironically, his eyes would be open and he would be smiling.

But no. Check it out:

Oh, and if you needed it set to Ginuwine’s “Pony,” we got that, too:

The Wizards won in spite of this man’s terrible dancing, which means they should probably get a bye until the conference finals.

Man, I don’t know if you can get kicked out for bad dancing, but this Wizards fan should have gotten the boot the second he raised his arm to perform that first sprinkler move. That’s a crime against humanity. That affects everyone.

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