Bo Jackson Smacks a 330-Yard Drive at Charity Tourney (Video)

Bo Jackson

It’s been a long time since Bo Jackson has been in the public eye as an athlete. But that has just meant more time for the two-sport star to work on his golf game.

At the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge, there was a skills competition component. Jackson, naturally, teed up for the longest drive. And he won that portion of the contest, driving the ball 331 yards.

Now, this doesn’t appear to be in the context of play, so there’s no accounting for accuracy or strategy. But we don’t really want accuracy or strategy when we could get a childhood hero slamming the sh*t out of a golf ball.

Here’s the clip:

Bo knows long drives.

As for that barrel chest and beer gut there? That’s all muscle.

Hat Tip – [For The Win]

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