Check Out this Brazilian Soccer Fight…Between Two Guys on the Same Team (Video)

brazilian soccer fight members of the same team

It’s not unheard of for teammates to get into a fight. Pro sports is a competitive business, and from time to time frustrations boil over.

That said, fights between teammates usually take place during practice, or on the sidelines. But in Brazilian soccer, anything is possible.

On Saturday night, during a low-level game between Rio Branco FC and Placido de Castro FC in the Brazilian state of Acre, two members of Placido got into a physical altercation. In the 72nd minute, right after Rio Branco scored a goal to make it 5-2, midfielder Uilian got into a heated discussion with defender Fabio Junior, who isn’t cool enough to have one of those Brazilian mononyms. Then that discussion turned into a full-fledged fist-fight…or I guess I should say a kicking, slapping, and grabbing fight. (It was, after all, a Brazilian soccer fight.)

Take a look:

Come on, guys. If you’re going to get into a fight with a teammate in the middle of a game, make it count. Kick the dude in the nuts. Knock out a couple of teeth. Something.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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