Gronk May Have Found True Love with Camille Kostek (Pics)

Camille Kostek

It appears that wild man Rob Gronkowski may have found a woman to make an honest man out of him. Speculative reports are claiming that he and Pats cheerleader Camille Kostek might be an item. They’ve been seen out in public together a couple times now, and in this day and age, a couple Instagram photos together is pretty much common law marriage.

Here’s Camille Kostek looking hot:



She looks like she would be right up Gronk’s alley with these pics. Does this mean the end (or a temporary pause) of the party bus, Gronk’s LA club-hopping, and “Yo Soy Fiesta?” I sure hope not. But if you’re gonna shelve those things, do it for a girl that looks like this.

Of course, on the heels of this news, it seems that she’s got a modeling gig for something called Benrus watches. We’re not really sure of the details, but she’s already in a video:

Here’s a Tweet of the two of them together, with a couple other folks, ordering some fast food. Possibly while drunk?

If you’d like to learn more about Camille, you can check out her Twitter here, but it’s mostly loaded with promotional stuff, so it might just frustrate you. And yes, that promotional stuff is for that very same watch company that she got the modeling gig with. Those Tweets go back about a month, so it’s likely that she got that gig without Gronk’s fame as a springboard. But I would bet on her relationship with him opening a few more doors.

I’m sure more pics will be forthcoming if this turns out to be the real deal.

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