Watch Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov Get Kronwalled (Video)

nikita kucherov kronwalled game 6 headshot suspension

Detroit Red Wings fans love nothing more than watching some poor, unsuspecting dude get Kronwalled, which is to say levelled by a devastating hit from Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall. And on Monday night in Detroit, during Game 6 between the Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning, Wings fans witnessed the nastiest Kronwalling of the playoffs when the alternate captain ran over Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov.

Unfortunately—and I hate to rain on everybody’s parade, here—the hit in question might end up getting Kronwall suspended. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say it probably should end up getting Kronwall suspended.

You can forgive Kronwall for looking to get his fans and teammates fired up. The Wings were trailing the Lightning 3-1 with just over a minute remaining in the second period. They were letting a chance to eliminate their opponents on home ice slip through their fingers.

However, the hit he laid on Kucherov was just bad. It wasn’t late, and Kronwall didn’t leave his feat. However, he did turn sideways so that his elbow connected squarely with Kucherov’s head.

Here’s the hit at full speed:

And here it is in slow-motion:

I love to see players get Kronwalled as much as the next guy. And Kucherov, for his part, didn’t whine or complain about the hit after the game. But let’s face it, the dude is lucky he didn’t suffer a concussion. If the NHL department of player safety doesn’t act on this, they lose all credibility.

Hat Tip – [Pro Hockey Talk]

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