This Dubai BASE Jump Might Leave You with Sweaty Palms (Video)

Dubai Base Jump

Dubai has done a lot to establish itself as a very ridiculous place. They have indoor ski hills and cops in Lamborghinis. So why not shove some people off of their buildings and call it a tourism video? That’s what the state seemed to do with this video of a Dubai BASE jump.

Dubai Film teamed up with SkydiveDubai and XDubai to bring us this terrifying video that reminds people that, in Dubai, people fall from the sky screaming after getting shoved off buildings. It’s a delightful sentiment.

Here’s the clip. It’s pretty insane, and you would think that professionals would scream less as they’re falling:

The building they’re jumping off of is the Princess Tower, which I learned is the second-tallest residential tower in the world.

The residents must have been thrilled about what was going on outside.

This Dubai BASE jump was made possible using something called the Dream Walker System. You can read about the insanity right here. I’m just going to go throw up real quick…

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