Lacrosse Player Gets in Fight, Then Poses for Fan’s Selfie (Video)

lacrosse player

Paul Dawson of the Rochester Knighthawks went from wailing on a fellow lacrosse player to chilling out in the penalty box, posing with a fan for their selfie. Duality of man and whatnot…

After getting sentenced to the penalty box, the lacrosse player found himself to be a background artist in a nearby fan’s selfie. So, he did what any self-respecting bro would do: He threw up the deuces and posed while doing his stint in the box.

Here’s a video of the man, sentenced to hard time on the sideline:

Honestly, I think that fan should have to join him for not only taking a selfie at a sporting event, but roping a player into it…during the game. I mean, would anyone oppose a Selfie Penalty Box for overbearing fans at games? I don’t think so. At the very least, the other fans would love the opportunity to rain trash upon them.

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