Here’s the Full Episode of HBO’s ‘Mayweather Pacquiao At Last’ (Video)

Mayweather Pacquiao At Last

It was a little surprising to learn that HBO wasn’t going forward with its lauded “24/7” series for the most anticipated fight in the past twenty years. It’s not clear whether it was a matter of access (likely) or timing (less likely, considering HBO seems to turn these around in a matter of days). BUT, we are given a deeper, hour-long look into the six-year lead-up to the fight with Mayweather Pacquiao At Last.

Perhaps since HBO wasn’t putting this fight on PPV, they didn’t see the need to promote it TOO hard. In any event, this hour of TV is available right here, and lays out why this damn fight took so long. I doubt fans will find the answer satisfactory, but it will at least add some color leading up to the fight.

So go find a quiet corner of your office and some headphones, then post up for an hour or so. No one will tell.

Here’s the entire episode of HBO’s Mayweather Pacquiao At Last:

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