Another Logo Redesign? NBA Football Helmets? Sure, Why Not (Gallery)

lakers - NBA football helmets

What’s a recently graduated, still unemployed graphic designer to do with all that extra free time? How about redesign every NBA logo and put them on football helmets?

That’s what a guy named James Politi did. He teamed up with a guy by the name of Luke Daly, presumably his friend, and together they created a collection of NBA football helmets.

Their rules? (1) Re-imagine every NBA logo (2) without using basketballs.

The results? Pretty impressive. The Bulls helmet looks too much like the Texans helmet, the Pacers helmet is just a bunch of lines, the Hawks helmet is inscrutable, the Thunder helmet is boring, and the Rockets helmet, while pretty awesome, doesn’t look like it has anything to do with Rockets. But on the whole, it’s a pretty great effort.

Take a look:

In case you were wondering, the artists did provide an explanation for every helmet. If you want to read them and see super high-res images of the designs, check out their imgur gallery.

Meanwhile, if you just want to make James Politi feel special, visit his website.

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