Graphic Designer Creates NBA Game of Thrones Sigils for Every Playoff Team (Pics)

nba game of thrones sigils

If you’re an artist or graphic designer and you want millions of people to see your work, all you have to do is redesign a bunch of sports logos with some sort of theme.

Of course, I say “all you have to do” as though it’s really that simple. It’s not. You also need to possess actual talent, and it helps to know your way around sites like reddit, which can make anybody famous on the internet for five minutes.

The latest example of sports logo redesigns? They come to us from reddit user “ninetythrees,” who created NBA Game of Thrones sigils for every playoff team.

Not surprisingly, some of them (I’m looking at you, Mavericks) are way better than the logos the teams actually use.

Take a look:

You can check out the artist’s website here. Or, if you’re a huge GOT nerd and want to discuss which GOT Houses and NBA teams are most similar, check out the original reddit thread.

Meanwhile, if you don’t watch Game of Thrones and don’t know what the hell a sigil is…well, just disregard this whole post, I guess.

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