New York Rangers Twitter Account Stops Using Capital Letters Ahead of Series Against the Capitals (Tweets)

new york rangers twitter feed

Whoever is running the New York Rangers Twitter feed deserves a raise.

In 2013, the Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals in a hard-fought, seven-game first round series in which five games were decided by just one goal and two games went to overtime. And this week the Rangers are preparing to face the Capitals in the playoffs once again. So in preparation for what might prove to be a nasty grudge match, the Rangers Twitter account has ceased using capital letters.

Get it? Because capitals are the enemy.

The last tweet to feature capital letters was this one from 4pm on Monday, when the Rangers’ second round opponent was yet to be determined:

However, after the Caps vanquished the Islanders in Game 7 of their first round series, it’s been all lowercase…which is probably easier for whoever’s running the account anyway if they’re using a mobile device of some kind.

Take a look:

The ball (er, puck?) is in your court (rink?), Capitals Twitter feed. How you gonna respond? (OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO TWEET IN ALL CAPS.)